The fall semester means many student groups volunteering with Youth Rebuilding New Orleans, and Tulane’s Outreach Day of Service got our Saturday schedule kicked off right last weekend. We put more than 20 students to work on a variety of tasks at our South Salcedo rebuild site.

Painting in unisonPainting in unison.


Whacking backyard weeds.Whacking backyard weeds.


Dust be gone!Dust be gone!


How about some chain gang music?How about some chain gang music?


Workin' in the coal mine...Workin’ in the coal mine…


Negotiating the tough spots.Negotiating the tough spots.


Friends in high places.Friends in high places.


How low can you go?How low can you go?


Touching up.Touching up.


If you can't take the heat, get out of the...If you can’t take the heat, get out of the…


Any idea how much damage a ladder can do?Any idea how much damage a ladder can do?


In the spotlight.In the spotlight.


Could I get some guidance?Could I get some guidance?