This past Saturday, YRNO hosted Jesuit High School, Ben Franklin High School’s YRNO Club, and Boys Hope Girls Hope on site for a HUGE local volunteer effort! We were reminded of YRNO’s roots as teenagers from around the city came together to beautify the neighborhood, learn essential carpentry skills, and follow the lead of 3 talented young leaders: YRNO Site Supervisors Isaiah, Channin, and Jevone.

Jevone teaching proper chop saw technique.

The first task was to cut and dispose of scrap lumber, and Jevone led a group of volunteers in learning how to do so safely. He and Construction Manager John also taught a group from BFHS about interior framing.

Interior framing: measure twice, cut once.

Isaiah and Channin both led crews on essential landscaping projects: weeding, lawncare, and grading the backyard for planting behind the yellow house. Their crews stayed strong and focused in the 85 degree October morning.


Hard work, led and supervised by Isaiah.



Channin leading the group weeding and landscaping around the rain garden.


If your local school or other group is interested in participating in a Saturday volunteer day (or other day of service) give us a call! 504-264-3344