Don’t take our word for it. These are just some of the nice things our teachers have had to say about our program.

“Ann McKinnel”: It’s a life changer! I never thought I could do it on my own. Without YRNO I would never have been able to own my own home.

“Angelle Caffery”: I cannot thank the volunteers enough; without them this would be an impossibility for me. Whether the volunteers see it or not, I am living proof that they are changing lives. Learning about this program was really like a gift from God. Now I have a home that’s my own that I can afford and that’s less than paying rent!

“Noelle Reznik”: If I had to describe how my new house from YRNO made me feel in one word, it would be something stronger than thrilled, whatever that might be!

Angelle and her daughter cut the ribbon at her house warming party with William Stoudt, our Executive Director.