Youth Rebuilding New Orleans is a one of a kind among non-profit volunteer organizations. New Orleans youth created us, we’re organized by youth, and our efforts are directed at bettering the lives of our city’s youth. Many young people who wanted to volunteer to help rebuild New Orleans were turned away by other non-profits because of the liability associated with reconstruction work. Instead of accepting this rejection, a committed group of teenagers decided they would find a way to help the New Orleans community recover.

We know that when it comes to volunteer organizations, New Orleans is not lacking, but our devotion to young people and education sets us apart. Although we have grown exponentially from the initial days following Hurricane Katrina, our vision and founding principles have remained the same. Our mission is to reduce blight by rebuilding distressed and foreclosed homes while engaging local youth in the recovery and rebirth of the New Orleans area.

Meaningful Volunteer Experiences

We assign volunteers fulfilling work. We know that individuals have many choices, and we do our best by utilizing your time as efficiently as possible.

Service Learning

Service learning is a teaching method that combines service to the community with classroom curriculum. We work with teachers to tailor service days to best take advantage of learning opportunities. We provide lesson plans and offer projects geared specifically towards lessons in areas like geometry, measurement, and financial literacy. Interested in learning more about our service learning? Visit our service learning page!

Youth Engagement

Teaching youth valuable life skills is an essential part of our organization’s mission. Volunteering to rebuild homes through YRNO teaches participants important construction skills, and our service learning program provides hands-on education in financial literacy and other homeownership skills.

If you want to volunteer in New Orleans, don’t get frustrated by the bureaucratic hold ups of national volunteer organizations. New Orleans needs our help now. YRNO streamlines the process and gets dedicated individuals like you into the field fast!