Service Hours

When you want to dive head first into an exciting, vibrant culture to satisfy your volunteer itch, consider New Orleans service hours with Youth Rebuilding New Orleans. So many high school students need to complete these hours for school but don’t know where to go or how to find an opportunity that will also be fun. We know just the place.

New Orleans Service Hours

Our non-profit, which was started in the wake of Hurricane Katrina to deliver housing to those who either lost their homes or had nowhere to live, offers an exceptional opportunity to help those less fortunate, and it could change your life.

In a city with a rich history, live music wafting from every corner, a magical aura floating in the air, and a vitality that is unsurpassed in America, there is no better place to perform volunteer duties than in New Orleans. Service hours with our non-profit not only give you the personal satisfaction of helping out, but volunteering also exposes you to a southern charm unlike anywhere else.

Perhaps even more importantly, you learn skills that can last a lifetime.

“YRNO has helped me build my people skills, my business skills, and now I can build a house from scratch,” said volunteer Ricardo Guerra. “I am able to put in a garden, tiling, grouting, caulking, all those different skills that I am able to do now that I didn’t even know existed before.”

Mike Kingston, a New Orleans service hours volunteer agreed. “There is an old saying that if you give a man a fish he eats for a day, but if you teach a man to fish, he’ll eat for a lifetime. At YRNO we teach you how to fish.”

The best part is you need no previous experience to learn these skills. We supply the expertise. You just bring the passion and willingness to make a true change for a community in need. In New Orleans, service hours don’t get any better than this.

Contact us today online or call us at 504-701-9693 for more information. When you want to help, let us be the catalyst to get the ball rolling.