YRNO engages local youth in the betterment of the New Orleans community. It is a non-profit organization that was organized by youth, for youth, immediately following Hurricane Katrina.  These efforts have left a tangible and meaningful impact on the city; the organization has helped more than 300 homeowners, with assistance from many thousands of volunteers.

While YRNO remains committed to its original vision of organizing youth participation in city-wide home reconstruction efforts, as New Orleans has changed, YRNO has changed with it. Today, YRNO efforts have expanded to include a broader span of youth programs, including employment training and leadership development as well as rapid disaster response with youth volunteers. 


Youth Rebuilding New Orleans is a proud partner with many local high schools. These partnerships range from acting as a community service partner for students to much more involved partnerships with dedicated time in the classroom for a highly customized service learning curriculum. Students can also complete service hours with YRNO. If you are a teacher, parent, or student and want to bring Youth Rebuilding New Orleans to your school please Contact Us.