We at YRNO are happy to say that this month so far has been one of our most productive and active months in a while! We’ve had some long time YRNO supporters help us, we got overwhelming amounts of progress done on the house, and we are in the midst of being able to sell it. First let’s give a personal shout out to the volunteers!

Liz, Jeff, and Clara Christian are a family of volunteers who have worked with us before. With this being their second time with us, and with them working on a new house, they were ecstatic! Liz Christian even said, “Second incredible experience with YRNO–this time in 2020! It has been a blessing for our family to be part of yours over the last few years and we hope to make our visit an annual tradition.” 

Then there was Jack. He was our Volunteer Coordinator for 2 years, so it was great to be able to work with a member of the YRNO family who returned just to volunteer!

With their help, we were able install and paint the fence posts; as well as, paint the front of the house. We would to thank them again, and we hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!