After 6 months of uncertainty and off-time, YRNO would like to proudly reopen the ability to volunteer! Of course, to ensure the safety of everyone volunteering, as well as our own staff, we must introduce some new rules.

Firstly, we have to cut down how many volunteers have onsite at a time. So instead of the usual 25 to 30, we can only take in 12.

Secondly, we are really hammering down on receiving those Volunteer Waivers. With new additions to it referring to Covid testing, we need those signed and submitted in someway and form.

Thirdly, and probably the most important thing, bring and wear your own face masks while onsite. If you don’t possess your own mask, we can give you a brand new one onsite. Just inform us before arriving, so we can be prepared. This also extends to gloves. We will provide a clean pair for everyone onsite, and they must be worn at all times.

Fourthly, no group gathering at all. We will permit and assign groups of no more than 3. We will also make sure there is enough room for 3 people to work together while social distancing.

And Lastly, we need people to bring their own water bottles. We will provide a water cooler, but volunteers need to bring their own bottles.

We know everything sounds a bit strict, but these rules are here as a safety precaution. We hope we can get back to our regular way operating soon, but until that happens these will be the rules for now. If you need any further clarification on the new rules or wish to sign up, contact us.