With so much work done these past few months on our new Alabo property, even with unforeseen events of COVID-19, and much more to come, we would like to announce we are looking for any teachers and service workers interested in owning this property.

Located near the edge of the Lower Ninth Ward, our Alabo location is the prime spot for any teachers who work at the Martin Luther King School, Fredrick Douglass High School, KIPP, Akili Academy, and NOCCA. For any of our fire fighters, the fire station is literally around the corner. This convenient location comes suited 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open kitchen, and a back deck! As far as the neighborhood goes, you will be surrounded by new home construction, and an across the street view of our own newly bought lot.

Too good to be true? Just check out these pictures from inside the home!

We are expected and determined to finish the project by mid-to-late October. For any inquiries about our Alabo Project, please contact us.