By: Maliek Breland

The end is near for YRNO’s tenure in the Bayou Saint John neighborhood. These past 4 years we have renovated a total of 4 houses, did a number of home owner projects, neighborhood sweeps, and storm water management projects. Now we will be moving to the well-known Lower Ninth Ward, which is located towards the mouth of the Mississippi river.

In 2005, the ninth ward was heavily damaged by hurricane Katrina and Rita. Before the storms hit there were 14,008 people residing in the neighborhood. Now there are roughly 5,000  people residing in the neighborhood.





Now we will be working on alabo street in the ninth ward.  It is a blighted home that hasn’t been touched since Hurricane Katrina and Rita. This journey will be long a very long and difficult process, but with the help of our amazing staff and volunteers, we will get it done the best way possible.

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