1. Recruit a team of local youth leaders interested in learning more about construction. Gut the house and install plywood sheathing. Be sure to get a brand new foundation and roof done by licensed subcontractors!

2.  Site Supervisors should teach and lead youth volunteers from around the country to re-frame the shotgun double into a spacious L-shape double.

3. Empower girls to work hard and carpentry skills from a fellow female leader. Rebuild the front porch with care using historic deckboards.

4. Conquer fear of heights. Site supervisors should work together to install and caulk brand new siding, then teach volunteers how to prime the siding 30 feet in the air.









5. Choose a paint color scheme that fits with the neighborhood. Then, scrape and prime the 100-year old facade. Take water breaks often to hydrate and get to know the staff and volunteers!

6. Put your hard hat on. Then install historic columns with your team. Carefully!

7. Choose a subtle hot pink for those historic columns. Site supervisors should split volunteers into teams to work on painting different sections of the house.

8. Put your Job Corps carpentry skills to work and design and build side steps for the studio apartment entrance.

9. Protect your eyes and lungs with the appropriate PPE, then install 40 sections of insulation in one day alongside teenagers from Seattle Academy.

10. Admire your work, then tackle drywall! To be continued…