Real Estate Investment Team

Our latest program—the Real Estate Investment Team—is an initiative in which students from diverse schools come together to learn real estate development, from the purchasing of a property through the construction of the house and sale of the property. Students maintain accounting records and legal forms and documents, and teams have representatives on location for all legal transactions, permits and inspections. Members also benefit from a profit-sharing initiative, potentially sharing any gain on the sale of property in the form of scholarships.

Robert Whitman with team members at their 10th Street property. Click here for more pictures of the 10th Street project.

The purpose is simple—to provide engaging and empowering opportunities for youth in New Orleans to work together across racial and socioeconomic lines to create their own change for their own communities. Youth learn through actions on how to affect change on their communities. They benefit from what they have learned, in addition to any scholarship money they generate.

The Real Estate Investment Team targets a diverse population of students so that the youth of New Orleans can work and learn across boundaries. YRNO makes sure to recruit disconnected youth; or youth that are not engaged in employment, education, or training (NEET). This population, above all others, is most in need of YRNO’s services.