Wheeling Jesuit University

Another group we’ve had in town for Cowen Service Challenge week is from Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia, back for a third time. Beating the cold, Tom Weinandy’s crew of 16 volunteers has been inside sheetrocking up a storm at our new 10th Street rebuild site in Lakeview.

Murph gets the team started.Murph gets the team started.


Measuring it out.Measuring it out.


Getting out for a little sun.Getting out for a little sun.


Playing twister comes in handy!Playing twister comes in handy!


Raise da roof!Raise da roof!


More meticulous measuring.More meticulous measuring.


Don't stop til you get enough!Don’t stop til you get enough!


Sportin' the colors.Sportin’ the colors.


Having fun.
Having fun.

Shaving it close.
Shaving it close.

It takes two.It takes two.


Dvhante lookin' like a proud papa.Dvhante lookin’ like a proud papa.


Manual labor.Manual labor.


Razor sharp.Razor sharp.


Peek a boo.Peek a boo.


Hammering is fun.Hammering is fun.


Watch out with that hammer!
Watch out with that hammer!

The face of determination.
The face of determination.


On top of the world.On top of the world.


Laser focus.Laser focus.


Before sheetrock.Before sheetrock.


After sheetrock.After sheetrock.


Leaving their mark...Leaving their mark…


...and signing off.…and signing off.


Official team photo.Official team photo.


Unauthorized team photo.Unauthorized team photo.


Red pants Will takes the team on a tour of the 9th Ward.“Red pants Will” takes the team on a tour of the 9th Ward.