We love individuals too!

Although many of our posts here are dedicated to larger groups of volunteers, we would be remiss not to highlight individuals and families who donate their time to YRNO as well. We’ve had some good ones recently and we appreciate them. They always seem to have fun and go away with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Ellen Wiederanders said it best.

“It feels good to do something that matters.”

The Wiederanders clan hams it up!The Wiederanders clan hams it up!


Chelsea shows her skill with the drill.Chelsea shows her skill with the drill.


Will cleans up.Will cleans up.


No muss, no fuss for Chloe.No muss, no fuss for Chloe.


Cole demonstrates the jackhammer.Cole demonstrates the jackhammer.


Chris prepares a stairway to heaven.Chris prepares a stairway to heaven.


Jamie obviously enjoys her work.Jamie obviously enjoys her work.


Hannah gets it spotless.Hannah gets it spotless.


Max has no fear of heights.Max has no fear of heights.