Tulane Athletics, Hahnville edition

YRNO continued its expansion to new projects this weekend with our second group of awesome Tulane student-athlete volunteers, as they helped fix a dilapidated ceiling at a house in Hahnville. Once again, Tulane athletics administrators Sue Bower and Caroline Thornton brought the crew, and we even had a couple of repeat customers from a September trip to South Salcedo, plus a couple more who worked with fellow classmates at another project last week. The whole crew included golfers Madison Opfer, Emily Penttila, Belen Goicoechea and Olivia Winning, tennis players Ipek Birol and Takuma Ohashi, cross-country runners Jack White and Mark Manion and swimmer Claire Schelske.

Check out highlights from the day below!

A great video of the day from St. Charles Parish!


Madison was relentless with the screw gun.Madison was relentless with the screw gun.


Caroline wields a mean caulk gun.Caroline wields a mean caulk gun.


Team painting...Team painting…


...induces smiles.…induces smiles!


Mark and Jack prep some bead board.Mark and Jack prep some bead board.


The A-team raises the roof.Lotsa teamwork here!


Taking a well earned break.Taking a well earned break.


A musical interlude courtesy of Ipek and Caroline.A musical interlude courtesy of Ipek and Caroline.


Reach for the sky!Reach for the sky!


Madison still at it!Madison still at it!


The crew after a hard day's work.The crew after a hard day’s work.