Three Reasons You Should Join Us in Rebuilding New Orleans

If you live in the area, why not join in the effort to rebuild New Orleans? You’ll be joining thousands of people who chip in a few hours once a week or even a whole Saturday or Sunday once a month. There’s no limit to how little or how much time you spend with us, and your strength, skills, and manpower goes towards a great cause! Need more inspiration to join us as we rebuild New Orleans? Check out these three reasons you may not have considered before.

1) The damage from Hurricane Katrina lives on.
Though this devastating hurricane hit us nearly 10 years ago, its damage is far from gone. Many local residents are still recovering, working hard to find a new home for their family, to replace the belongings they lost, and to get back the life they loved. As we rebuild New Orleans, we’re helping our friends and neighbors succeed. We’re healing the scars Katrina left behind, contributing to a city in need, and making this incredible community more beautiful than ever.

2) You’ll meet all kinds of people.
Something incredible was born out of the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina–a new camaraderie . Young people have moved to our area from across the country to contribute in their own ways. When you volunteer, you get to work alongside longtime residents and newcomers who’ve decided to make New Orleans home. You’ll get to meet people of all ages and from all walks of life.

3) You’ll shape the future of our city.
The future of the city lies in our hands. If we want a thriving economy, vibrant culture, and a community of happy people, it’s our job to work together to make that happen. Volunteering gives you the power to make that future positive. Don’t sit back and wonder what’s coming next; get involved and make sure the city we all call home stronger than ever!