The Bruins of UCLA are alive in both editions of March Madness, NCAA and YRNO. This week we have a dozen young ladies staying in our bunkhouse and volunteering at our 10th Street work site, doing a variety of tasks, including working on their alliterative nickname skills, as Cuddly Chris, Awesome Austin, Wacky Will and Jumpin’ Jack discovered. Ryan gets a hand.     “Let me out of here!”     Got a boost or just really tall?     Smoothing it out.     The whole crew hams it up.    

Elon University

Is your bracket busted yet? Ours isn’t! Another week of March Madness means more volunteer groups at YRNO. Today a bunkhouse crew of 14 from Elon University in North Carolina got started at our South Salcedo work site. We’ve had folks from Elon in the past and they got right to work floating and taping on a rainy morning, postponing exterior work for later. Go Phoenix! Murph gives marching orders.     Securing it tight.     Nice teamwork.     On the down low.     Holding it down.      

Princeton University

Our second March Madness “bunkhouse crew” this week came from the Center for Jewish Life – Hillel at Princeton University. Originally sent to 10th Street bracket with Prince as their host, they advanced to the South Salcedo regional on Thursday. In between, they watched their fellow Tigers beat Tulane on the hardwood in the CBI men’s basketball tournament. Witness their hard work below. Packin’ a wallop.   Cornered at 10th.   Gettin’ muddy.   Platform posin’ at South Salcedo.     Taping it up.     Team taping.   Tigers on the prowl!  

New Mexico Tech

Have you filled out your brackets yet? March Madness continues this week at YRNO with more student volunteer groups in town. One of those is from New Mexico Tech and got started this morning at our South Salcedo work site. After a night of slumber in our bunkhouse, the fine nine were outside working on siding and caulking, and wondering if it’s usually this chilly in New Orleans. We hope to provide better weather as the week progresses! Will gives instruction.     Makin’ cuts.     Hey, it fits!     Caulking in unison.   Noticing the camera.   […]

Eastern Kentucky University

LeRon and his nine angels from Eastern Kentucky University are the third and last March Madness volunteer group working with us this week, but by no means the least. The Colonels are in the bracket (for real) and have spent their time at our 10th Street work site floating with Prince. Can ya tell? Gee, I wonder who coached these folks up?     LeRon pops in.  

USC Upstate

Volunteering alongside the University of Virginia this week for the “March Madness rebuilding party” at our South Salcedo work site is a group from USC Upstate in Spartanburg, South Carolina. With the help of this “elite eight,” we’re hoping to have all the sheetrock installed by week’s end. Spartan power, baby! Livin’ the Spartan life.   Murph assigns tasks.   Disassembling scaffolding.   Raising the roof!     Party on the platform.     Too many ladders inside.     Think pink.     Teamwork.   Cool cats.    

University of Virginia

March Madness is now in full swing at Youth Rebuilding New Orleans, with three spring break groups in town for the week, all staying in the jam-packed YRNO bunkhouse. One of those is a crew of 10 students from the University of Virginia, whose men’s basketball team will soon be in the “real” bracket, this weekend’s loss to Maryland be damned. We’ve got these Cavaliers at our South Salcedo work site, finishing up insulation and installing sheetrock. All hail the Hoos! Murph assigns tasks.     Measuring up.     Brooks cuts a hole.     More measuring.     […]

University of South Dakota

One of the groups we have in town for Cowen Service Challenge week is from the University of South Dakota. The 11 hale and hearty volunteers are staying in our bunkhouse and fought their way through a storm in Missouri to get here, delaying them by a day. As cold as it has been in New Orleans this week courtesy of the suddenly trending “polar vortex,” this group of Coyotes escaped far more frigid weather in their home state. We started them off working on stump removal at 318 South Salcedo, and they got right to it. Coyotes in the […]