TCPC Youth

This week we have a youth group from Tennessee staying in our bunkhouse and volunteering at our St. Ann Street properties. Today they got started on a variety of projects, both high and low! Prince greets the group.     Take it away!     Making the cut.     Power tool fun.     Heavy lifting!     Moving crew.     Wheelbarrow duty.     Cleaning up a spill.     Next stop, second floor.     Lotsa action.     Waiting for clearance.   Da whole crew at the bunkhouse.  

Rosemont College

This morning a determined dozen from Rosemont College joined Marquette at our St. Ann Street properties. This is the second straight May the Pennsylvania school has sent a volunteer group to YRNO and stayed in our bunkhouse. Check out the Ravens in action below. They’re here all week! Cutting crew.     Camouflaged!     In the jungle.   Take it away.   Branch out.   Am I doing this right?   Is that a Montreal Expos cap?     Looking for space.   Handling with care.     Box it up.  

Follen Community Church

This week we’ve had a group from Follen Community Church of Lexington, Massachusetts staying in our bunkhouse, and after volunteering with Freret Neighborhood Center the past few days, they’re at our St. Ann Street properties today and tomorrow. We’re thrilled to have “Team Orange,” as they definitely brought some skills! Jack greets the group.   The crew enlightens.     I’m going in!   Shovels down.   Handle with care.   Unloading.   Incognito!   Team orange.   Cutting it straight.   A perfect cut.   The gentle touch.   Prying it loose.   Getting there!   On the move. […]

Portland Waldorf School

Today we have a group of students from Portland Waldorf School in Oregon volunteering at our St. Ann Street properties, breaking concrete and working on the foundation. They stayed in our bunkhouse Monday and were rained out yesterday, so we thank them for their tenacity! Traelle and Dvhante greet the group.     Swinging…   …and connecting.   Tag teaming.   Bust it up.   Digging duty.   Fill ‘er up.  

Hills to NOLA

This week we’ve had a group from Wayne Hills High School in New Jersey staying in our bunkhouse and volunteering at one of our side projects. They’re a YRNO “repeat customer” and we’re always glad to have them back. Check out what Joe and Traelle had them doing below.   Ladders at 20 paces.     Let’s move particle board.   Follow me!  


This week we have another volunteer group from UCLA staying in our bunkhouse for a second straight year. The 10 young ladies have been hard at work yesterday and today helping out Prince and Danielle at our South Scott Street side project! Danielle assigns tasks.   Getting gloves.   We can’t brush hair with these, right?   Dynamic duo.     Smoothing it out.     Exhibiting meticulousness.     Sanding it down.  

Elon University

This week we have a volunteer group from Elon University staying in our bunkhouse for a second straight year and working at our St. Ann Street properties. They got started on joists and flooring this morning, as you can see below! Getting oriented.   Protect those fingers!   Dynamic duo.   How heavy is it?   I’ll let you guys handle this.   Out from under.   Down the line.     Lil’ help, please!   Hammer time!   Take it away!   Too much fun.   Supervising in progress.   The whole group.  

Purdue University

This week we have another “March Madness” bunkhouse crew from the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Center of Purdue University volunteering with us. They’re split between homeowner side projects on Oleander and South Scott Streets, as you can see below. Following the University of Virginia last week, they’re our second group whose school will take part in the hoop version of the Madness!   Bend it like Beckham!     Danielle gives the safety speech.     Let’s paint.     Piling it up.      

University of Virginia

Another “March volunteer Madness” group with us this week is from the University of Virginia, also back for a second year. Ten students are staying in our bunkhouse and working on a side project right across the street. All hail the Wahoos! Poetry in motion.   Keep it coming.   In the dumpster.   Backyard bash.   Not cavalier about their work.   Everybody now!   Fill ‘er up.   Too much fun!     Up the ramp.  

USC Upstate

“March volunteer Madness” is now in full swing at YRNO, as we have four groups volunteering with us this week. Among those are nine students from USC Upstate, as the school returns for a second year. They’re staying in our bunkhouse and working at our St. Ann Street properties, so let’s get this Monday started right with a little nursery rhyme! One, two, prepare the crew.   Three, four, install the floor.   Five, six, pick up sticks.   Seven, eight, lay them straight.   Nine, ten, who needs men?!     And, lift!     Back in black.   […]