Super Service Challenge

Below is an example of a simple and easy video that can be made using your cellphone, a video camera or just some regular ol’ pictures and PowerPoint. Just pick some of your best photos, answer some questions with a few text boxes, add some background music, set the timing and you’re done.

Answer three questions:

  • Who did you serve, and what did you accomplish that day? Tell us how you volunteered.
  • What is your team’s plan for an ongoing relationship with the charity? Are you going to volunteer again or would you like to?
  • What would your charity do if they won part of the prize money? It doesn’t have to be exact, it can just be about how they could have a bigger impact.

Tell us the answers in the forms of a video or PowerPoint, but 2 minutes at most.

Ad Majorem’s Super Service Challenge from William Stoudt on Vimeo.

For more information on the videos, visit the Super Service Challenge website.