Spring Into Action With An Alternative Spring Break

Spring break is approaching and if you’re ready for a new experience, YRNO has the answer: An alternative spring break.

Since the 1980s such alternatives have surged in popularity. As students become more socially conscious, they’re realizing the traditional spring break spent lounging on a beach can be unfulfilling, and that donating time on the front lines of social issues is much more compelling.

Breakaway, a national alternative break network based in Atlanta, connects such spring break programs with 175 colleges and universities across the country. In 2012, it estimated its alternative spring break members gave more than 600,000 service hours. With other programs, its estimated more than a million hours are donated yearly.

But what’s equally compelling is that students who opt for such breaks not only earn the chance to put their experience on impressive resumes and learn new skills, but they also grow up to be more active citizens. They show stronger inclination to get involved in local politics and vote, as well as increased time serving their own communities back home. Furthermore, those who choose to participate in an alternative spring break get a chance to experience something new, such as a new culture, a new city, and new people.

One might also consider the impact on their bank account. Airlines and hotels know when spring break arrives. They jack up the prices, and tap your funds. In many areas, nonprofits looking for students offer deals on accommodations, sometimes for free!

Essentially, it boils down to tapping into your desire to help others. So if you are interested in taking your break from school with a volunteer program, research your alternative spring break options and find something that you are passionate about.