Tuesday we had more than two dozen volunteers from Shell Oil Company sporting their recognizable colors and working with us on South Salcedo. Some helped prepare Salcedo East for our upcoming Open House, others cleared out the backyard of Salcedo West, while still others helped construct a new wheelchair ramp for a neighbor.

Tina Singh, who coordinated the event for Shell, wants to return. “We really enjoyed this chance to work with y’all and we hope we can do it again,” she said. “I think you guys are a great benefit for the community and there’s a lot of houses that need so much work, and the youth–you guys are channeling their energy in the right direction.”

Thanks, Tina! Thanks, Shell!

A great video of the day by neighbor Angelo Sanders!


Tina works meticulously...Tina works meticulously…


...and she gets help…and she gets help.


Getting things spic and span inside.Getting things spic and span inside.


Sparks fly.Sparks fly.


Clearing out the backyard...Clearing out the backyard…


...and pitching the junk.…and pitching the junk.


Not stumped by a stump.Not stumped by a stump.


Let's get the whole team on this project.Let’s get the whole team on this project.


More teamwork.More teamwork.


Working on the wheelchair ramp.Working on the wheelchair ramp.


Are you guys just gonna watch me?Are you guys just gonna watch me?


Nope, I'll paint.Nope, I’ll paint.


Me too!Me too!


Everybody now!Everybody now!