REbuild Program

Youth Rebuilding New Orleans’ Reforming Employment Build Program, or REbuild Program, provides young people of New Orleans access to construction based jobs. The purpose of the program is to provide underemployed or unemployed youth a well-paying job and professional training. In addition to training young people in the construction trade, youth receive professional development and leadership training. Participants are also strongly encouraged to complete their GED or attend college and are given the support needed to reach those goals.

We believe that to adequately address the needs of our community we must help create workable solutions to those interested in bettering themselves. YRNO acknowledges that a quality education and a stable well-paying job are two necessities to truly providing options to reforming the life of a teen that may be at risk of taking a path of crime or violence. Through the REbuild program we are providing at-risk teens these opportunities and taking steps to reforming employment for the young people of New Orleans.