Olympia Street

Olympia Street: (April 29th, 2013 – Sold!)

Olympia is a two-story double in the Mid-City neighborhood.  Sale was closed on April 29, 2013. The property appraised for over $225,000, but was purchased for only $165,000!!! That’s more than a 25% discount on the home.

Plus, our teacher qualified for a soft second mortgage worth over $22,000. If that wasn’t a great enough deal, the property also happened to be a double and will produce rental income for our teacher!

Property Information:
3 Bedroom/2 Bath on one side
2 Bedroom/1 Bath on the other side
Traditional shotgun floorplan
High ceilings

For pictures of volunteers working at Olympia, click on the links below.

11/24/2012: Jesuit High School’s alumni service club, Ad Majorem, worked on a fence and painted trim.
10/27/2012: Dean MacLaren’s Tulane Leadership TIDES endured the cold.
9/27/2012: Scores of volunteers painted the exterior at an OG Cares service day.

For more pictures check out the Picasa Gallery by clicking here.