Project Map

See where Youth Rebuilding New Orleans is making an impact on the community. Below is a map of the homes that we have worked on or are currently working on as part of Project HOMEwork since the summer of 2010.

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The map below shows some of the other houses that Youth Rebuilding New Orleans has worked on. We’ve helped homeowners gut their homes, clean up yards, remove storm debris, and assisted with other clean up projects to help revitalize New Orleans and the surrounding area.

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Below are some of the addresses where we’ve worked outside New Orleans.

116 Cougar

404 Palm
407 Palm
409 Palm
414 Palm
416 Palm
418 Palm

3517 Riverland
8401 Benjamin
300 W St Avide
2324 Despaux
2029 W Beauregard
2300 Rosetta
2342 Marietta
7 E Chalmette Circle
30 Coffee
3316 Mumphrey
3733 Kings
2833 Tournefort

105 Verdin
120 Onezia
6109 Shrimpers Row
6607 Shrimpers Row
6784 Shrimpers Row
6798 Shrimpers Row
7306 Shrimpers Row
7336 Shrimpers Row
7374 Shrimpers Row
7462 Shrimpers Row

673 Courthouse Lane

3547 Grand Caillou
5116 Shrimpers Row
5776 Shrimpers Row

2213 34th Street

404 Camelia
408 Camelia
604 Camelia
704 Camelia
740 Camelia
637 Magnolia
2600 Cambridge
201 Somerset
175 Belle Grove
625 Woodland