Youth Rebuilding New Orleans is excited to announce the creation of a new position made possible by the Louisiana Delta Service Corps: Youth Engagement Coordinator. Our new Youth Engagement Coordinator (YEC, for short) will be responsible for designing and deploying a Service Learning Curriculum for YRNO’s Future Leaders initiative. YRNO is offering an opportunity to work inside New Orleans schools, providing mentorship, tutoring, and educational services to high school students. The opportunity to expand the outreach of Future Leaders into additional New Orleans high schools may be available as well.

YRNO is offering an opportunity to have a significant impact on the lives of students across New Orleans and, ultimately, to take part in the rebirth of the city: Teach much-needed professional development skills, conduct mock interviews, hold class elections, engage students in community service and service learning, coordinate service days for your “Future Leaders” pupils and much, much, more…

For a detailed job description click here.

Lousiana Delta Service Corps Members Receive the Following Benefits:

  • Serve full-time starting September 1st for 11 months*
  • Receive living allowance of 12,100
  • Major Medical Health Insurance
  • Student Loan Forbearance
  • 10 personal days and 8 Federal Holidays off
  • Tons of personal and professional development training and networking oppurtunities
  • Child care reimbursement
  • Serve up to 2 years
  • Earn an education award of $5,350 upon graduation
  • Serve in New Orleans or Baton Rouge
  • Plus…YRNO offers additional living stipends of $125 per month!


*The LDSC 2012-2013 term has already begun. Hence, this position is available immediately and will be in effect until July 31st, 2013.

For any additional information please contact:

William Stoudt

Executive Director