Saturday the New Orleans Citizen Diplomacy Council sent us a group of volunteers from a faraway land to volunteer at our South Salcedo rebuild site. The great eight braved the rain to come out, working mostly indoors, but had no problem bringing a bathtub outside for a good cleaning either!

The tub comes out...The tub comes out…


...and gets its bath.…and gets its bath.


Salcedo west got a good cleanup...Salcedo west got a good cleaning…


...and the detritus got pitched.…and the detritus got pitched.


In Salcedo east, some did taping...In Salcedo east, some did taping…


...and some did scraping.…and some did scraping.


The kitchen got cleaned.The kitchen got cleaned.


The bathroom got taped.The bathroom got taped.


And have no fear, a power tool made an appearance.And have no fear, a power tool made an appearance.