New projects

In order to make the best use of our awesome and seemingly endless pool of volunteers, YRNO is beginning to add some side projects to the ongoing work at our South Salcedo rebuild site. Last Saturday, we sent a group of Tulane students to do some cleaning up at the House of Faith on Elysian Fields. With Prince providing the oversight, everything got done lickety split. The visual evidence follows. Stay tuned for more such projects in the near future!

Welcome to the jungle.Welcome to the jungle.


Dig in, says Prince.“Dig in,” says Prince.


What rules are we breaking here?What rules are we breaking here?


Transporting the junk...Transporting the junk…


...and dumping it out.…and dumping it out.


A spider merits this much attention?A spider merits this much attention?


A smooth operation: First cutting...
A smooth operation: First cutting…

...and then bagging.
…and then bagging.