Since Angelle Caffery teaches young students art in New Orleans, hurricane relief is something she’s familiar with. She doesn’t make a ton of money, but that’s not her goal. Never has been. Instead, she wants to enrich lives.

It’s not been easy. With costs of housing being typically more than she can afford, she wondered if she could sustain her role as an inspirational leader to the youth of New Orleans. After Hurricane Katrina, many teachers fled the city looking for more stable places to ply their craft. Not Caffery. She came here to help and slowly found she needed help of her own.

Youth Rebuilding New Orleans recently stepped up to the plate.

With Project HOMEwork dedicated to improving housing situations for those in need of New Orleans hurricane relief and other assistance, Caffery soon had a home of her own. YRNO bought a dilapidated house and renovated it for Caffery. YRNO’s goal is to not only attract qualified teachers to the city but also help keep them here. There is no better way than to plant roots. If you are a teacher searching for first time home buyer programs in New Orleans, YRNO can help you.

All full-time middle school or high school teachers in the Greater New Orleans area qualify. Because YRNO’s primary mission is to educate and empower the area’s youth, we believe that helping teachers can only further benefit our primary goal. To qualify for a new home, teachers must agree to continue to teach for three additional years. They must also live in the home and maintain flood and homeowners insurance. The results can be spectacular.

Teachers ultimately buy the newly renovated home for about 80 percent of the fair market value, giving them the break they need to continue to teach and influence our city’s children.

But our New Orleans hurricane relief programs and Project HOMEwork need you to help. Volunteers are crucial to our existence. Think of the best teacher you’ve ever had. Now think about how nice it would be to thank him or her in a real, tangible way. That is what YRNO does.

You not only learn new skill sets such as building gardens, laying tile, and ultimately the ins and outs to building a home from scratch, but you also help our New Orleans hurricane relief project by giving a big “thank you” to teachers.

“I cannot thank the volunteers enough,” Caffery said after cutting the ribbon to the first project HOMEwork house built, the one in which she now lives. “They are the reason I am a homeowner today.”

Contact us today for more information. Just by volunteering your time, you can help stabilize New Orleans’ neighborhoods and positively impact the education system.