Marquette University

This week we have another great group of students from Marquette University volunteering with us at our St. Ann Street properties. This morning they got busy on various tasks, as you can see below!

Joe greets the group.Joe greets the group.


Dvhante gets belated Mother's Day love from Prince.Dvhante gets belated Mother’s Day love from Prince.


Movin' it out.
Movin’ it out.

Pulling nails.
Pulling nails.


Transporting lumber.Transporting lumber.


Keep it comin'.
Keep it comin’.

Setting it down.
Setting it down.


Let's get crackin', people!Let’s get crackin’, people!


Bringin' down the house.
Bringin’ down the house.

And lift!
And lift!


Bend into it.Bend into it.


Stirring up a hornets' nest.
Stirring up a hornets’ nest.

Diggin' it.
Diggin’ it.


Gettin' high.
Gettin’ high.

What's in here?
What’s in here?