March Madness: Spring Break with YRNO

This March, YRNO has had an abundance of volunteer groups come visit to help in our rebuilding efforts on St. Ann. The month started off with a group of students from NOVA Southeastern University. The team of students helped YRNO repaint the front and inside of our neighbor’s house that was damaged by a fire.

The second week of March, three groups of students stayed at the bunkhouse with us: University of South Carolina Upstate, Agnes Scott College (Decatur, GA) and University of Virginia (Charlottesville, VA). USC Upstate and UVA students helped us in the demolition of the inside of one of our houses on St. Ann.

The following week we had students from University of South Florida (St. Petersburg, FL), Academy of the Sacred Heart (Bloomfield, Michigan), Casper College (Casper, WY) and Marquette University (Milwaukee, WI) come to our St. Ann site to rebuild with us.

Last week, Elon University (Elon, NC), UCLA (Los Angeles, CA), St. Francis, Holton Arms High School (Bethesda, MD) as well as a number of families helped with a number of things including demolition and painting at St. Ann. YRNO also facilitated service days for Tulane Staff and Holton Arms; they beautified the Homer A. Plessy Community School by refilling gravel outside the school by the bus stop.

In this final week of March we hosted students from Salesian High School (Bay Area, California), Hidden Lake High School and a number of families. What a wonderful few weeks we have had here at YRNO. We appreciate everyone’s support!