Lycee Francais

Today and tomorrow we have a group of volunteers from Lycée Français in San Francisco classing up our South Salcedo work site with their impeccable French. Taping, mudding, sanding and pretty much anything else comes off better en francais, oui? Check out this morning’s action below. Merci, mes amis!

Murph obviously just cracked another joke.Murph obviously just cracked another joke.


Practice cut...
Practice cut…

...and now the real thing.
…and now the real thing.


Fill 'em up!Fill ’em up!


Sanding it down...
Sanding it down…

...and mudding it up.
…and mudding it up.


Dvhante demonstrates how it's done.Dvhante demonstrates how it’s done.


Two handed.
Two handed.

The group pro.
The group pro.


The view from above.The view from above.


Workin' the corner.
Workin’ the corner.

The power tool makes an appearance.
The power tool makes an appearance.