Jesuit Thanksgiving Drive

Thanks for your participation with the Thanksgiving Drive! If you want to donate or help support the drive see the information below about how to give.

Donations would be used to purchase perishable items like: The turkey, milk, bread, eggs, butter, vegetables, etc. Its easier if we just receive contributions so that we can make uniformed baskets, etc. Any amount smaller or large is helpful!

Paypal Instructions:
Insert Email>Type Amount>Select>Personal>Payment Owed>Continue>Send Money

*This will prevent a fee on the receiving and maximize your donations. Click here for more detailed step by step instructions.

Mailing a Check:
3716 Banks Street
New Orleans, La 70119

Time Commitment:
Calling the Families
Packing the Boxes
Helping Deliver

If you have any questions or want to volunteer your time feel free to email me at