Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

YRNO had a true “dream team” of young volunteers in Mid-City today to serve in honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., with college students from Tulane, Loyola, Xavier and Dillard–as well as high school students from St. Augustine–all working in the neighborhood of our South Salcedo rebuild site. Most took part in a “community sweep,” picking up trash and the like, while a smaller group took yet another whack at removing our gigantic tree stump out back. Thanks to all who came out to humbly serve in a way that would have made Dr. King proud.

Pickup patrol.Pickup patrol.


Ha ha...I got the rake.Ha ha…I got the rake.


All together now.All together now.


Many hands make light work.Many hands make light work.


My bag is the fullest!My bag is the fullest!


Searching for the small stuff.Searching for the small stuff.


Let's work this block.Let’s work this block.


These stumps really need to go.These stumps really need to go.


Bustin' it up.Bustin’ it up.


If we dig to China, they might come out.If we dig to China, they might come out.


Never give up.Never give up.


1, 2, 3...dig!
1, 2, 3…dig!

Let's get a power tool involved.
Let’s get a power tool involved.