Hills to NOLA

This week we have a group from Wayne Hills High School in New Jersey staying in our bunkhouse and volunteering at our 10th Street work site. They’re a YRNO “repeat customer” and they got right down to business. Check out what Prince and Chris have had ’em doing below.

In the spotlight.In the spotlight.


It's dusty in here.“It’s dusty in here.”


Smoothing it out.Smoothing it out.


Working in tandem.Working in tandem.


Too much fun.Too much fun.


Working in solitude.Working in solitude.


What to do about that crack?What to do about that crack?


Cover it up!Cover it up!


Workin' the corner.
Workin’ the corner.

Reach for it!
Reach for it!


Smile for the camera!Smile for the camera!