Future Leaders First Day at the YRNO Work Site

Our young leaders fresh from the city’s JOB1 workforce development program showed their professionalism today—everyone arrived on time, dressed down and ready to work!

Meet the future builders of New Orleans, the “Super Six” (out of our seven members): Lawrence, Tyran, Corielle, Dante, Quincy and Terrance.

At orientation, the group met up with Sam and was given the grand tour of YRNO’s St. Ann Street properties—a vacant grassy double lot, a one of a kind carriage house and a shotgun house that will be given all the bells and whistles, including its own hallway and courtyard!

Afterwards, our young crew of leaders was introduced to the YRNO construction team. Prince led the orientation with a quick life story and journey with YRNO; Ryan gave the all important safety speech; Traelle welcomed the group with great cheer and Danielle shared her enthusiasm to be a YRNO crew member—and really connected with the youth.

It’s official: today is our future leaders’ first day at work, their first step in learning something new, and in becoming a team! We’re very excited to see how they will grow in the upcoming weeks.

Today, they are off to a great start! Good luck, guys!

Our future leaders are here and right on time!Our future leaders are here and right on time!


Future leaders with Sam.  YRNO power!Future leaders with Sam. YRNO power!


Our youth crew sees how priming gets done with Catholic Mission Trips.Our youth crew sees how priming gets done with Catholic Mission Trips.