Follen Community Church

This week we’ve had a group from Follen Community Church of Lexington, Massachusetts staying in our bunkhouse, and after volunteering with Freret Neighborhood Center the past few days, they’re at our St. Ann Street properties today and tomorrow. We’re thrilled to have “Team Orange,” as they definitely brought some skills!

Jack greets the group.Jack greets the group.


The crew enlightens.The crew enlightens.


Pounding it out.
Pounding it out.

Holding fort.
Holding fort.


I'm going in!I’m going in!


Shovels down.Shovels down.


Handle with care.Handle with care.






Team orange.Team orange.


Cutting it straight.Cutting it straight.


A perfect cut.A perfect cut.


The gentle touch.The gentle touch.


Prying it loose.Prying it loose.


Getting there!Getting there!


On the move.On the move.


Tight quarters.Tight quarters.


A full load...A full load…


...headed to the dumpster.…headed to the dumpster.


Between the beams.Between the beams.


Captain destructo!Captain destructo!


The whole crew.The whole crew.