We are family!

As Sister Sledge once sang, “we are family,” and here at YRNO we love having families come to volunteer with us. In recent days, we’ve had two mother and daughter duos, a trio of sisters and a family of four working at our St. Ann Street properties. Peep the visual evidence below!

Mother shows daughter how it's done.
Mother shows daughter how it’s done.

Nina's a quick study!
Nina’s a quick study!


Working together.Working together.


Michele and Olivia Shaw.
Michele and Olivia Shaw.

Down and dirty.
Down and dirty.


The Mipro sisters get busy.The Mipro sisters get busy.


The Reeder family, representing T.J. Maxx.The Reeder family, representing T.J. Maxx.


Hauling cinder blocks.Hauling cinder blocks.


Working to the Maxx!Working to the Maxx!