Families Serve: Volunteering with YRNO as a Family

Over the years, YRNO has had a multitude of volunteers from across the country come to serve with the organization to help rebuild New Orleans. There are three main types of volunteers that serve with YRNO: schools, corporate groups and families. This year alone we have had around a dozen families come to volunteer with us ranging from a day to a full work week of service. Families remain strong partners of our volunteer base in fulfilling our mission to engage youth in the betterment of the New Orleans community. We spoke with members of the Resch family who volunteered with us last spring to get a better understanding of their unique experience volunteering with YRNO.

The Resch family volunteered with YRNO for four days over their son, RJ’s, 6th grade spring break. They found YRNO after mother, Lisa Resch, came across an article in USA Today naming YRNO as one of the top choices for family service trips in New Orleans. One of the attractive features of volunteering with YRNO for the Resch family was that RJ could volunteer at his young age, as many other service organizations in New Orleans have age requirements restricting RJ from participating.

Lisa expanded on her special experience with her son: “It was a unique experience to just be with my son alone (not traveling with the rest of our family). We had such a good time together and got to connect one on one. And we were being adventurous together in a new city and had to figure out how to get to YRNO, get to the job site, etc. I let RJ do as much as possible of the planning and decision making.”

She also spoke about how educational the trip was for her and her son: “We learned quite a bit. From just the basics about the carpentry and painting, but also about getting along with two strangers who we had to work with for 8 hours a day. It was enlightening for RJ to be thrust into a social situation and figure out how to interact and take direction from new people he’d just met. Our experience with YRNO was really positive, and we’ve recommended it to others as a fun and educational way to “give back.””

RJ was so excited about his experience with YRNO that he wrote an article for his local newspaper about his experience! Click here to read his article.