Dillard University

With the fall semester officially underway, Youth Rebuilding New Orleans hosted college students for the second straight Saturday, including more than 20 from Dillard University who volunteered at our South Salcedo rebuild site this past weekend.

Power tools are fun!Power tools are fun!


Getting down and dirty.Getting down and dirty.


Wait. Did someone get replaced?Wait. Did someone get replaced?


Sweeping his cares away.Sweeping his cares away.


Working as a team.Working as a team.


Concentration personified.Concentration personified.


Working the nooks and crannies.Working the nooks and crannies.


The door to a new life?The door to a new life?


Double dustpan duty.Double dustpan duty.


Keep the paint away from that hair!Keep the paint away from that hair!


Let the sun shine in.Let the sun shine in.


Oh, yeah. Power tools are still fun!Oh, yeah. Power tools are still fun!


No fear of heights.No fear of heights.


The solitude of painting.The solitude of painting.


Brightening up the room.Brightening up the room.