The College School

Today and tomorrow we have a group a students from The College School in Missouri volunteering with us at our St. Ann Street properties, as the school is back for a second straight year. Lots of digging and discarding debris this morning. We thank them for their time and generous donation!

Dvhante greets the group.Dvhante greets the group.


All for one.All for one.


Shovels down.Shovels down.


Bend those knees.Bend those knees.




Don't fall in.Don’t fall in.


What's that on my hands?What’s that on my hands?


Down the line.Down the line.


Scooping it up.Scooping it up.


Bird's eye view.Bird’s eye view.


Caught on camera.
Caught on camera.

Don't play coy!
Don’t play coy!


Fill this up!Fill this up!


Tossin' bricks.Tossin’ bricks.


Two points!Two points!


On the move.On the move.


Surveying the scene.Surveying the scene.


Working together.Working together.


Fearsome foursome.Fearsome foursome.


Getting low.Getting low.


Flying dirt.Flying dirt.


Buzzing with activity.Buzzing with activity.


Clean up crew.Clean up crew.


In the trenches.In the trenches.


Up close and personal.Up close and personal.


You lookin' at me?You lookin’ at me?


Blue Devil sighting.Blue Devil sighting.


Joe keeps 'em movin'.Joe keeps ’em movin’.