Jesuit Class of 1980

Today we had a volunteer group from the Jesuit High School Class of 1980 working at our St. Ann Street properties. The boys got busy, as you can see below! William greets his elder alums.   Another brick in the wall.   Cleaning up.   A muddy mess.   Removing refuse.   Supporting NOLA.   Hey! Don’t hit him in the back!   Blue Jays in action.   Dynamic duo.   Hirsute handyman.   Pondering pounding.   Hold on tight!  

Mitzvah crew, part two

Our second group of 18 volunteers from Mitzvah Corps New Orleans started at our St. Ann Street properties this morning, doing a variety of tasks. Peep the visual evidence below. Roof duty.   It’s toasty up here!   Don’t let it sag!   Oh, nevermind!     More lumber transport.   Hot wire.     Gettin’ some sun.   Waiting out traffic.   Going back for more.     Measuring it out.   Prepping for a cut.    

Mitzvah Corps New Orleans

This week we have two groups of 18 teens from Mitzvah Corps New Orleans volunteering at our St. Ann Street properties, and the first crew got started this morning. We thank them for both their generous donation and their hard work. Check out the action below! Prince greets the group.   Now he’s got a stage!   Moving lumber.     Cinder block transport.   Keep ’em comin’.   Pile ’em up.   Set ’em down.   Seeking space.   Lots of activity.       Smooth strokes.        

Ernst & Young

This morning we hosted a great group of volunteers from Ernst & Young at our St. Ann Street properties, as we had them painting, insulating and taking down a wall. Jack gave the orientation speech since Mayor Stoudt was out of town, but even more of them will be with us in September to suffer through his accounting jokes! Jack greets the group.   Prince gives the safety speech.   The long, lonely road to the dumpster.     Purple power!     Painting in unison.   Don’t jump! You’ve got a bright future!   Roof duty.     Fresh […]

Overland summers

Today we have an Overland summers service group via NetWork Voluntours volunteering at our St. Ann Street properties. Much of the work involved painting, but it all got started with a first at YRNO…stretching exercises! Prince greets the group.   Even Sam and Prince feel the need to stretch!   On one foot!   How does paint smell?   Prince charming.   Rapt attention.     Measuring it out.     Reassembling scaffolding.     No fear of heights.       Da whole group.  

TCPC Youth

This week we have a youth group from Tennessee staying in our bunkhouse and volunteering at our St. Ann Street properties. Today they got started on a variety of projects, both high and low! Prince greets the group.     Take it away!     Making the cut.     Power tool fun.     Heavy lifting!     Moving crew.     Wheelbarrow duty.     Cleaning up a spill.     Next stop, second floor.     Lotsa action.     Waiting for clearance.   Da whole crew at the bunkhouse.  

Future Leaders First Day at the YRNO Work Site

Our young leaders fresh from the city’s JOB1 workforce development program showed their professionalism today—everyone arrived on time, dressed down and ready to work! Meet the future builders of New Orleans, the “Super Six” (out of our seven members): Lawrence, Tyran, Corielle, Dante, Quincy and Terrance. At orientation, the group met up with Sam and was given the grand tour of YRNO’s St. Ann Street properties—a vacant grassy double lot, a one of a kind carriage house and a shotgun house that will be given all the bells and whistles, including its own hallway and courtyard! Afterwards, our young crew […]

Catholic Mission Trips

This week we have a group from Wisconsin with Catholic Mission Trips volunteering at our St. Ann Street properties. Priming and taking down a cinder block wall were among the tasks on this morning’s agenda, as you can see below. Da whole group.     Smooth strokes.     Don’t put that brush in your water!   Dipping correctly.     Glass comin’ through!       Get crackin’.     Workin’ the wall.    

Regnum Christi

Today and tomorrow we have the youth mission group ECYD with the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi volunteering at our St. Ann Street properties. This morning was all about scraping paint, as you can see below. No fear of heights with any of these ladies! Prince charming.     Dynamic duo.            

The Bus

Last Friday, we had a traveling quartet from the Bus Project come and volunteer at our St. Ann Street properties. This summer, they’re driving a bus across the country to document a 10-week, 10,000-mile journey. Coming from North Carolina, their goal is to do volunteer work and build relationships in every city they stop in while learning from the experiences and stories of the people who live there. We certainly hope they got something out of their day with YRNO! Diggin’ it.   Let’s smash something!   Coming and going.   Hammer at the ready.   What’s next?   Da […]