Xavier University

This morning we had a fab five of students from Xavier University volunteering at our St. Ann Street properties. Check ‘em out in action below, leveling our vacant lot. Thanks for the help!   Wide angle.    

xavier 3

Follen Community Church

This week we’ve had a group from Follen Community Church of Lexington, Massachusetts staying in our bunkhouse, and after volunteering with Freret Neighborhood Center the past few days, they’re at our St. Ann Street properties today and tomorrow. We’re thrilled to have “Team Orange,” as they definitely brought some skills! Jack greets the group.   The crew enlightens.     I’m going in!   Shovels down.   Handle with care.   Unloading.   Incognito!   Team orange.   Cutting it straight.   A perfect cut.   The gentle touch.   Prying it loose.   Getting there!   On the move. [...]

follen 21

Atlanta Montessori International School

Yesterday afternoon, between shifts of The College School, we had a group of students from Atlanta Montessori International School come and provide volunteer relief at our St. Ann Street properties. We thank both groups for their time and generous donation. Check out AMI’s work below! Traelle greets the group.   Scooping it up.   This is easy.   Pondering the future.   Break time.     Bird’s eye view.   Pow-wow.   Workin’ the pile.   Fill ‘er up.   How much more?  

atlanta 1

The College School

Today and tomorrow we have a group a students from The College School in Missouri volunteering with us at our St. Ann Street properties, as the school is back for a second straight year. Lots of digging and discarding debris this morning. We thank them for their time and generous donation! Dvhante greets the group.   All for one.   Shovels down.   Bend those knees.   Muddin’.   Don’t fall in.   What’s that on my hands?   Down the line.   Scooping it up.   Bird’s eye view.     Fill this up!   Tossin’ bricks.   Two [...]

college 19

Portland Waldorf School

Today we have a group of students from Portland Waldorf School in Oregon volunteering at our St. Ann Street properties, breaking concrete and working on the foundation. They stayed in our bunkhouse Monday and were rained out yesterday, so we thank them for their tenacity! Traelle and Dvhante greet the group.     Swinging…   …and connecting.   Tag teaming.   Bust it up.   Digging duty.   Fill ‘er up.  

waldorf 10

Sci Academy

On Saturday morning, our AmeriCorps Youth Engagement Coordinator Sandy Stibitz brought a group of Sci Academy scholars to our St. Ann Street properties for some hard volunteer labor! Whether digging holes or busting up concrete, they were up to the task, as you can see below. Lay up.                    

sci 18

Staff spotlight: “The Fresh Prince of New Orleans”

Now this is a story, all about how, a life got flipped, turned upside down… Prince Holmes was meant to be a college student, living away from home in the dorms.  To borrow one more line from his favorite TV show theme song, “chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool.” Sometimes though, destiny dictates different.   While Prince is indeed a cool college student, there’s no maxin’ and relaxin’ in some far flung dorm for the Algiers native these days.  As Assistant Construction Manager at Youth Rebuilding New Orleans, it’s just a lot of juggling job and school.  Fortunately, YRNO’s REbuild youth [...]

prince 2

Academy of the Sacred Heart

For the second consecutive Good Friday, we were thrilled to host volunteers from Academy of the Sacred Heart in Grand Coteau. Peep the action below at our St. Ann Street properties last week! Did I get any on me?     What’s in the nest?     Door relay.   On the move.   Traelle points the way.  

sacred heart group

Tulane staff service day

Last week we had a large group of Tulane staff members volunteering at our St. Ann Street properties as part of the annual “Wave of Green Day of Service.” Check out the action below! Will greets the group.   Fillin’ the ‘barrow.   Breaking ground.   Filling in.   Joe does a drive by.     Dueling shovels.   Leveling the lot.   Evan ponders the pile.   The dirty (half) dozen.  

tulane staff 6

Hills to NOLA

This week we’ve had a group from Wayne Hills High School in New Jersey staying in our bunkhouse and volunteering at one of our side projects. They’re a YRNO “repeat customer” and we’re always glad to have them back. Check out what Joe and Traelle had them doing below.   Ladders at 20 paces.     Let’s move particle board.   Follow me!  

hills 8