The Bus

Last Friday, we had a traveling quartet from the Bus Project come and volunteer at our St. Ann Street properties. This summer, they’re driving a bus across the country to document a 10-week, 10,000-mile journey. Coming from North Carolina, their goal is to do volunteer work and build relationships in every city they stop in while learning from the experiences and stories of the people who live there. We certainly hope they got something out of their day with YRNO! Diggin’ it.   Let’s smash something!   Coming and going.   Hammer at the ready.   What’s next?   Da […]

Kindezi School

This week we have a group of students from The Kindezi School of Atlanta volunteering at our St. Ann Street properties. Small but mighty, there’s even a Saints fan amongst the flock of dirty birds! All kidding aside, check out the concrete busting and other work they did this morning before the rain came. Welcome back to Faith Wilbanks and her crew! Greeting the group.     Pick up sticks.     The overhead view.     Dynamic duo.        

North Star Academy

The second half of our St. Ann Street “doubleheader” yesterday was capped off by a group of students from North Star Academy of Newark, New Jersey. Moving sand and lot leveling continued through the afternoon, with more activities added. Peep the evidence below! Orientation time.   Traelle greets the group.     Working in tandem.   Clean up on aisle 2753!     Rake duty.   All together now.     Busting it up.   Passing it on.     Out the door.     A full load.   Smoothing it out.  

Rawson Saunders

Today we have a “doubleheader” at our St. Ann Street properties, starting with a group of students from the Rawson Saunders School of Austin, Texas this morning. Moving sand and lot leveling is the order of the day, as you can see below. Glad to have Jane and her folks back! The crew gets instructions.     The wide view.     Do we need to move all this?   Take it away.   Dump it.   Mr. D: Superman or Seinfeld?   Keep it movin’.   Jane’s got skills!   Fill ‘er up.   Terrific trio.   Think pink! […]

Temple Ner Tamid

The second of our two volunteer groups this week is from Temple Ner Tamid in New Jersey. As you can see below, they too got started at our St. Ann Street properties yesterday, and we thank them for their time, effort and generous donation! Transporting trash.     Headed out.   Fab four.   To the dumpster!   Waiting their turn.   All together now.   Team Temple.   And lift!      

Connexion Church

This week we have two groups volunteering with us at our St. Ann Street properties, including Connexion Church of Georgia. Evidently, they prayed away last night’s rain and worked around the puddles when they arrived this morning, as you can see below!   The overhead view.     Working together.     Fab four.   Getting cleaner!  

Sci Academy, plus

Yesterday we had a group of scholars from Sci Academy back volunteering with us at our St. Ann Street properties. Thanks again to our “AmeriCorps extraordinaire” Sandy Stibitz for bringing them out. They were joined by Chris Strub, who’s volunteering with youth organizations in all 50 states over 100 days. We’re proud that YRNO was the 5th stop on his tour. Click here to watch his brief interview with Jack and Prince, and peep all the action and a longer interview with Jack below! Chris and Jack talk about YRNO.   Bend into it.     Fill ‘er up!   […]

Rosemont College

This morning a determined dozen from Rosemont College joined Marquette at our St. Ann Street properties. This is the second straight May the Pennsylvania school has sent a volunteer group to YRNO and stayed in our bunkhouse. Check out the Ravens in action below. They’re here all week! Cutting crew.     Camouflaged!     In the jungle.   Take it away.   Branch out.   Am I doing this right?   Is that a Montreal Expos cap?     Looking for space.   Handling with care.     Box it up.  

Marquette University

This week we have another great group of students from Marquette University volunteering with us at our St. Ann Street properties. This morning they got busy on various tasks, as you can see below! Joe greets the group.   Dvhante gets belated Mother’s Day love from Prince.     Transporting lumber.     Let’s get crackin’, people!     Bend into it.      

Son of a Saint

Yesterday we had a group from Son of a Saint helping out at our St. Ann Street properties. Check out the action below!