This morning we had a quintet of volunteers hailing from France, Northern Ireland, Russia, Sweden and Ukraine, courtesy of the New Orleans Citizen Diplomacy Council. The group was on South Rocheblave clearing debris from a house we’ll soon be moving to the vacant lot at our St. Ann Street properties! Merci! Danielle gives the safety speech.     Teamwork.   Setting it down.   Adding to the pile.         Boys club.  

Overland summers, part three

Today we have our third of three Overland summers service groups via NetWork Voluntours working at our St. Ann Street properties. After some stretching exercises, they got busy doing various tasks, as you can see below! Prince greets the group.     Transporting tools.       Rearranging lumber.   Setting it down.  


Today we have D.A.R.E. officers from the New Orleans Police Department and elsewhere volunteering at our St. Ann Street properties. They’ve worked primarily on framing, as evidenced below. Thanks, y’all! Prince with his future colleagues?     Cutting crew.     We’ll never have better security.        

SALT Student Travel

Today we had a SALT Student Travel group from Illinois volunteering at our St. Ann Street properties, thanks to NetWork Voluntours. Along with construction work, the crew helped out with a community sweep as we prepare for the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Peep the action below! Group orientation.   Moving lumber.   Keep it comin’.   Setting it down.       Dumpster duty.   Removing refuse.     Cutting crew.     Now that’s sun protection!     Up close and personal.     Clean up on aisle 2801.   Community sweepers.   Sweep group 2.   Spic […]

Bethlehem Center V-Team

This week we have a group from the Bethlehem Center V-Team of Chattanooga, Tennessee volunteering with us. This morning they worked on various tasks at our St. Ann Street properties, as you can see below! Greeting the group.   Moving lumber.   Keep it comin’.   Don’t stop now!   There’s still more.   Peep the shadow.   Brian’s back.   Lay the wood.   Stack it up.     Nail removal.   Pitch it!     Making cement!  

CSU San Bernardino

Today we had a great group from CSU San Bernardino working at our St. Ann Street properties. Prince had the day off for his birthday, but the rest of our construction crew put everyone right to work. Let’s hear it for the Coyotes! Group orientation.     Tippy toes.     Dynamic duo.   Wheelbarrow duty.   Coming and going.     Danielle’s crew is smokin’!   Bend those knees.   Dump it.   Buzzing with activity.   Bryant gets down to business.   Cement must go.   Prepare for launch!     Providing oversight.   Recycling cinder blocks.   […]

Tulane VISTA power!

Yesterday we had an octet of Tulane AmeriCorps VISTA members volunteering at our St. Ann Street properties. Jack was banished by the construction staff to the dirtiest fire ant infested duties, but the others recycled cinder blocks and worked on a foundation. We welcome the new VISTA cohort, as you can see their skills below!   Three people working and one person slacking.    

We are family!

As Sister Sledge once sang, “we are family,” and here at YRNO we love having families come to volunteer with us. In recent days, we’ve had two mother and daughter duos, a trio of sisters and a family of four working at our St. Ann Street properties. Peep the visual evidence below!   Working together.     The Mipro sisters get busy.   The Reeder family, representing T.J. Maxx.   Hauling cinder blocks.   Working to the Maxx!  

Overland summers, part two

Today we have another Overland summers service group via NetWork Voluntours volunteering at our St. Ann Street properties. They spent the morning rearranging our trailer, dismantling a roof and recycling cinder blocks, as you can see below. Prince greets the group.     Making progress.     Roof duty.   Tossing it in the pile.     Let her down gently.  

Youth Rebuilding New Orleans One House at a Time

Another Harvard team from MBAs Across America visited YRNO.