If you’re planning a service trip, spend a week or two in the Big Easy for an alternative spring break. New Orleans has it all: fine dining, concerts, music, and adventure. It also has blighted, struggling, and nearly deserted neighborhoods. Youth Rebuilding New Orleans is happy to host spring break or fall break groups. We appreciate your continued efforts to help rebuild New Orleans. With help from people like you, we can improve neighborhoods, homes, and lives. We would be honored if you spent your service trip working within the city with us!

We know that finding organizations to work with can be difficult, and we look forward to simplifying the process—even if you decide not to work with us. We will work with your service group to provide a volunteer opportunity that is both meaningful and rewarding.

You can visit our Volunteer FAQ page to see the answers to any additional questions you may have, and if you have any we did not include, you can Contact Us for more information.

If you need a location for your alternative spring break, New Orleans is a community with real needs for real people. Your work will be worthwhile. We will help make your group’s stay as fun and comfortable as possible by finding a local housing organizations, church, or hotel that fits your budget.

Need Help Finding

We can help your alternative spring break group find housing at one of the local housing organizations, churches, or hotels.

Get advice on age appropriate activities for your group while in New Orleans!

Get tips on where to enjoy our local cuisine!