Super Service Challenge winners!

Yesterday, Youth Rebuilding New Orleans took home this year’s $50,000 Grand Prize in the Super Service Challenge! Lynn Young of Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers received the check from Super Service Challenge founder Dave Lindsey and Saints quarterback Drew Brees at a special event in Phoenix. In all, YRNO will receive over $100,000 in winnings, more than doubling last year’s total. Thanks to ALL of our volunteers who participated! For comments from Lynn, Dave and Drew, click here, here and here.

St. Michael’s Episcopal Church

This week we’ve also had a group from St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in Massachusetts volunteering with us at our South Scott Street side project, escaping the “Blizzard of 2015.” As you can see, they’ve got skills and no fear of heights! Getting high.   Perfectly framed.   Two-story talent.   Reverse angle.   Caulking in solitude.   Holding steady.   Smooth strokes.   Service with a smile.   They signed waivers!   Group shot.  

Academy of Our Lady

This week we have students from Academy of Our Lady in Marrero volunteering with us. Today they were at our South Scott Street side project caulking, painting and more. Check out the action below! Team caulk.     All together now.     Side by side.     Painting in unison.     Makin’ progress.     Pondering their next move.     Time to climb.   I’ve got my eye on you.     Moving scaffolding.   Keep it comin’.   Yellow or blue?   Dvhante shows how it’s done.   Almost assembled.     Stairway to heaven?   […]

Help from New York!

This morning we had a group from Entrepreneurs’ Organization – New York volunteering with us at our South Scott Street side project. Just as they arrived, the rain stopped and they got right to work. Thanks for the help and avoid that snow on your way back to the great Northeast! Jack greets his fellow New Yorkers.     Perfect form.   Into the truck.   Room for more?   Don’t say I never gave you anything!   And lift!    

Organization provides teachers with new homes

Bill Capo reports on our recent home sale to Sci Academy teacher Ben Ifshin.

Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Today we had nearly 60 volunteers working with YRNO as part of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service. About half were from our partner school Sci Academy, with the rest coming from local universities Tulane, Loyola, Dillard and Xavier, as well as St. Katharine Drexel, Blessed Sacrament St. Joan of Arc and our own AmeriCorps members Kyle Cousans, Sandy Stibitz and Jack Styczynski. Most performed various tasks at our St. Ann Street properties and the others took part in a community clean up of the neighborhood. Fun was had by all in a productive day honoring the memory […]

NetWork Voluntours

This afternoon we had volunteers from partner Temples in California working at our St. Ann Street properties, clearing away broken concrete, leveling the ground and more. The group was organized by Teddy Nathan at NetWork Voluntours, and we thank them for their time and generous donation. Teamwork.   Bend into it.   Whoa, now! Keep that balance.     Workin’ the corner.   Leveling it out.   Concrete as far as the eye can see.   Picking out moon rocks?   It goes in here!   Let’s tidy up.     It’s getting cleaner!  

Jesuit College Prep of Dallas

Yesterday and today we had a group of nine volunteers from Jesuit College Prep of Dallas working at both our South Scott Street side project and our St. Ann Street properties. They’re also enjoying our fine bunkhouse facilities and we hope they get a chance to have some fun this weekend. Peep the action below! The whole crew at South Scott.     Hold up.       Sheer determination.   A full load.   Teamwork.   Break out the Bobcat!  

Archbishop Shaw

In what’s becoming a regular occurrence, we have student volunteers from Archbishop Shaw High School with us today. This morning they were performing various tasks at our St. Ann Street properties, including dismantling the last vestiges of a wall. Check out the action below. Cleaning up the detritus.   Ready to pole vault?   Tire toss.   Getting it in the dumpster.   A full load.   Maybe a little too full.   Chuck it in.   Cutting the man’s way!   Fill it up.     Tear down this wall!   Say goodbye to the door.   This goes […]


This week we also have volunteers from ICNA Relief USA working with us at our South Scott Street side project. Upon arriving to the job-site, one of the volunteers discovered that she lived in the house as a little girl. The work included a lot of caulking in the nooks and crannies. Check out the cool green shirts!   Thumbs up!     Standing tall.     Plywood in transit.     Assembling scaffolding.