Sacred Heart of San Francisco

Starting this morning and going through Wednesday, we have a group of students from the Sacred Heart Schools of San Francisco volunteering at our St. Ann Street properties. They worked this weekend replacing light bulbs with Green Light New Orleans and today they were gutting and removing debris for us. Peep the action below and check out the group’s blog posts here, here and here. Jack gives the orientation.   You passed the quiz!   Sweeping their cares away.   Ray on the job.   A beautiful day for a stroll.   Getting cleaner!   Knocking it off.   Working […]

International High School

Yesterday we had a group of students from The International High School of New Orleans volunteering at our St. Ann Street properties. In between cutting up, they moved a lot of stuff, as you can see! Door in transit.   Comin’ through.   And…push!   Surveying the pile.   Bad boys?   What’s behind door number one?   Somebody’s determined to find out!   Let’s move door number two.   Ewww. What’s that on your hand?   Lowering it gently…   …and moving it out.   The shovels go in the wheelbarrow.   Oh, boy…I gotcha good.   Oops. Maybe […]

Fields Report: ReNEW Accelerated High School

Our own Eliza Fields checks in from her post at ReNEW Accelerated High School with some recent news… My job as the Youth Engagement Coordinator at ReNEW Accelerated High School has allowed me to create interesting events for the high school students, such as a celebration for Dia de los Muertos. Dia de los Muertos or “Day of the Dead” is a holiday from Mexico that allows a community to remember loved ones who have passed away and to celebrate their lives. It is celebrated from October 31st to November 2nd following All Saints Day. Our Day of the Dead […]

Weekend warriors

On Saturday we had volunteers from Ben Franklin High School and a local Girl Scout troop continuing to remove debris at our St. Ann Street properties. Check out the action below! Ben Franklin students sift through the rubble.     Chucking it in.   What could this be?   Bending in unison.   Everything must go.   Girl Scouts in da house!   Between the beams.  

Sci Academy garden

This past Monday, a small group of Sci Academy scholars came in on their day off to make up absences and contribute to their school community. After a couple hours of hard work in the garden, they had completed a wheelchair path, weeded several beds and built some new brick planters. The Sci garden is looking better and more accessible than ever! We’re ready to work!   Our own Sandy Stibitz helps in the garden.   Laying bricks.   Planter boxes, all in a row.   Are these fashionable gloves?   Check out that pattern!   William and Sandy survey […]

Tulane Dean’s Advisory Council

It’s homecoming week at Tulane, which means we get volunteer help from the Newcomb-Tulane College Dean’s Advisory Council. Nancy Rebold can’t get enough, as today she and her cool chapeau made a third appearance at a YRNO work site, following her days at our now completed South Salcedo homes with a chilly afternoon at our new St. Ann Street properties. Thanks to all who came for their time and generous donation! Jenni and Nancy fill up wheelbarrows.   Howard and Jenni head for the dumpster!   Jenni scoops up debris.   A double load for Howard and Nancy.   Keep […]

Archbishop Shaw

Today and tomorrow we have students from Archbishop Shaw High School cleaning up and removing debris at our St. Ann Street properties. You never know what you might find on a site–consider it a volunteer treasure hunt! Should Prince address the safety of wearing a 49ers shirt in his speech?   Will and Sam point out where the gold is buried on a city zoning map.   This boot looks wearable!   Did someone just unearth a Bee Gees cassette?   Fill ‘er up!   Dumpster bound.     This can’t be worth anything, right?   Chuck it in.   […]

More on St. Ann!

Today we actually had three groups continuing the debris removal and clean up work at our St. Ann Street properties, including volunteers from Son of a Saint and Xavier University. Check out the action below! Will and Chris discuss tasks with folks from Son of a Saint.     Did I fill this up enough?     Shhh! I need quiet.   Bag it!   Fill ‘er up.   Dump it!   Teamwork.   Da whole crew.   Xavier’s in the house!     Whatcha got there?   The view from above.   Another empty ‘barrow.   We’ve got junk. […]

Propeller N.O. impacting the community

Ameca Reali of the Justice and Accountability Center of Louisiana and our own William Stoudt were guests on WWL-TV Eyewitness News to talk about their respective organizations with host Antwan Harris.

Blue Springs South Senate

Today we had a student government group from Blue Springs South High School in Missouri working with us at our St. Ann Street properties, clearing debris in “assembly line” fashion. The volunteers were part of the leadership class of Susan Bubalo, who has brought groups before and whose daughter Katie teaches at Sci Academy, one of our partner schools. Katie has also volunteered with us and is now Ben Ifshin’s tenant in the recently sold Project HOMEwork house on South Salcedo! What goes around comes around! Jack orients the group.   Shingles in transit.   High and lifted up!   […]