Meet our new Youth Engagement Coordinators

Parlez-vous francais? For one of YRNO’s two new Youth Engagement Coordinators, the answer is a definite “oui,” although not without a lot of hard work to get there.  Eliza (pronounced Eleeza) Fields is borderline obsessed with French language and culture dating all the way back to her 5th grade French class with Mrs. Milk.  “She did something,” according to Eliza.  “I remember the pencil was called ‘un crayon’ and I was like, a crayon?  I was so excited.”  Excited enough to keep studying the language through high school and college, despite not being very good at it.  She eventually studied […]

Tulane freshmen

Today we had a group of Tulane freshmen volunteering at Carver Prep building a community garden with 8 planter boxes. The students came to us thanks to Nick Tringali of the Tulane Center for Public Service, who’s been taking them to service projects and other outings as part of an orientation week. They agreed to help us out with the Super Service Challenge, and learned about AmeriCorps and the grant that made today’s project possible. And after their hard work in the hot sun, they took us out to lunch. We’ll take that kind of group every time! Thanks, y’all! […]

Southeast Christian Church…plus two

This week we have a group from Southeast Christian Church of Minnesota volunteering with us, as well as a mother and daughter duo from Jack’s former hometown of Rye, New York. All were at our South Salcedo work site this morning, finishing up odds and ends in anticipation of selling the house soon. Check out the action below! Jack welcomes the group.   Prince takes the reins.     Perfectly framed.     Too much fun.     The stump that just won’t go away.     Whacking away.