All Saints Episcopal School

This week we have a group from All Saints Episcopal School of Tyler, Texas staying in our bunkhouse and volunteering at our South Salcedo work site. We’re trying to get the house there finished by August 15th so we can sell it shortly thereafter. Following a brief morning orientation, rotating crews of 15 worked for three consecutive days. The visual evidence is below! Ryan gives the safety speech.   Is this why they call it a box truck?   A rainbow at the end of the pot o’ gold?   Fill ‘er up!   Assembly line.   Bend into it. […]

Happy belated birthday, Tiffany!

Last Friday, we had a family group volunteering with us at our South Salcedo work site to celebrate Tiffany Colvin-Smith’s birthday! (Her 29th, we believe.) This is the second such group we’ve had this year celebrating a birthday in this way, and we think it’s AWESOME! Tiffany called it her “best birthday experience yet,” and we were thrilled to be a part of it. Peep the crew in action below!   Let’s get busy.     Tiffany (right) with her daughter, Prince and Dvhante.  

First United Methodist Church, part deux

Once again, this week we have a youth group from First United Methodist Church staying in our bunkhouse and volunteering with us, but this time it’s from Stuttgart, Arkansas rather than Monticello. The two groups do know each other, so getting the new one up to speed was easy! Jennifer White is the group leader, although everyone calls her “Pooh.” The first two days, we’ve had them at both Carver Prep and our South Salcedo work site. Peep the action below! Is this level?   Sittin’ on the job.   On da fence.   Workin’ the corner.   Down the […]

White Rock United Methodist Church

As we prepare for another volunteer group in our bunkhouse this week, we had one with us for two days earlier this month. Youth from White Rock United Methodist Church of Dallas spent time at both Carver Collegiate Academy and our South Salcedo work site. Check out the visual evidence below! Dvhante and Ryan with the group.   Prince charms the crew.     Painting trim.     In the shadows.         Hangin’ tough.   Mr. Willie with the crew.   Willie shows the proper procedure.   Getting the tape down.     Cleaning up.  

Sci Academy

This morning we had teachers from our partner school Sci Academy helping clear brush and foliage at Joe Brown Park. At Youth Rebuilding New Orleans, we do our part to Keep Louisiana Beautiful! Let’s hear it for all those who pitch in! Our resident forestry expert Willie explains the proper technique for brush removal.   Let’s get to work!   Nice haul!   Picking through the weeds.   Snipping away.   “Wow, wheelbarrows are awesome!”   Megan Gold and Will Stoudt discuss old times at YRNO.   Sometimes it takes two sets of hands.   Loading up the truck.   […]

St. Peter Catholic Church

Today we have a youth group from St. Peter Catholic Church in Covington with us as part of a week where they’re volunteering with different organizations. YRNO is their lone stop in New Orleans, as they heard about us through St. Dominic CYO, which volunteered at Carver Prep Monday. Our North Shore crew is cleaning, painting and gardening at Sci Academy, as you can see below!   Spic and span.     Cleaning quartet.     Mr. Willie huddles up the garden group.   Diggin’ it.   I got the wheelbarrow.   Load it in here.   Everybody pull!   […]

First United Methodist Church

This week we have a youth group from First United Methodist Church of Monticello, Arkansas staying in our bunkhouse and volunteering with us. The last two days they were painting at Sci Academy in New Orleans East, as you can see below. We especially wish Laura Smith good luck, as she left early to join her “Triple Threat” softball World Series team in Memphis!   Touching up.           Cleaning rollers.    

Tulane Student-Athletes Continue their Community Service Efforts throughout New Orleans

Nine Tulane football and basketball players spent an afternoon with YRNO cleaning out a blighted house in Kenner as one of their summer community service projects.

St. Dominic CYO

The painting project at Carver Prep continued today with a group of local youth from St. Dominic CYO. Mr. Willie got the troops crackin’ in building #2, as you can see below!   Horizontal brushstrokes.     Gettin’ low.     Finding the nooks and crannies.        

Ulster Project

In addition to Carver Collegiate Academy, we also had a group from the Ulster Project New Orleans painting at Carver Prep this past week. The intent of the Ulster Project is to break down the walls of intolerance and mistrust that exist in Northern Ireland and one of the goals is for Catholic and Protestant kids to work together. Work is something YRNO can provide! Willie rallies the troops.     Painting in progress.