Chavez Schools

As mentioned yesterday, we’ve begun our school beautification projects for the summer and earlier this week we had students from Cesar Chavez Public Charter Schools for Public Policy in Washington, DC painting at Sci Academy. The visual evidence is below! How ’bout this new color?   I’ll take this side, you take that one.   How do I get this stuff off my hands?   Flex for the camera!  

Catholic HEART Workcamp

Youngsters from Catholic HEART Workcamp are with us for a second straight year this week helping out with school beautification. The group is from all over the country, including Tennessee, Texas, Maryland and Florida. Check out the action from Sci Academy below! Mary, Mary, quite contrary…how does your garden grow?     Am I the only one left?   Dvhante’s painting crew.   Working the post.   Is he really this tall?   Wish I could paint this the color of my shorts.   Sweet bandana!   Hey, eyes on the prize!   Blue krewe.   Another smile.   Two […]

Kindezi School

This week we have a group of youngsters from The Kindezi School in Atlanta volunteering at both our South Salcedo and 10th Street work sites. We were able to make especially good use of the kids in the “moon suits” at South Salcedo, as they were small enough to get under the house and clean it up nice! Of course, while out taking the pictures below, volunteer coordinator Jack had to talk a little Saints smack to the “dirty bird” fans, but it was all good! Goin’ under the house.     Still more under here!     Where would […]

Staff spotlight: Sam Stephens

He’s been hit in the head by a hockey puck and he’s taken a job at Youth Rebuilding New Orleans. For everyone’s sake, let’s hope those two things are unrelated. Sam Stephens is YRNO’s latest hire. Last month, the 24-year-old resigned from the organization’s board to accept a newly-created staff position as Program Manager. Basically, he’s now a “utility player,” helping out both in the office and on YRNO construction sites. Stephens is a St. Louis native, but his mother’s side of the family is from New Orleans, so he has a long connection to the city. He spent a […]

Thank you, BCM!

YRNO recently learned that we’ll be receiving a 3-year grant from BCM, the most significant support in our history. Thanks to this new funding, YRNO will expand its REbuild program in order to engage, empower, employ and educate the youth of New Orleans—specifically at-risk or low-income youth that do not have the opportunities that other young people might have. As part of that expansion, we will also expand three other programs and strengthen their connection to REbuild. YRNO’s Reforming Employment build program—or REbuild—gives young people access to construction-based jobs at YRNO work sites. It provides unemployed or underemployed youth a […]

Rawson Saunders

This morning we had students from Rawson Saunders School in Austin, Texas volunteering at both our South Salcedo and 10th Street work sites, picking up where KIPP of Houston left off the day before. Check out the action below! Ryan demonstrates his carpentry skills to the Salcedo crew.     Workin’ the corner.     Double duty.     Hammin’ it up at Salcedo.       Trim work at 10th.   More trimmin’.   How’d we get bathroom duty?   No talkin’, just caulkin’.   Caught on camera!   Prince with the 10th Street crew.  

KIPP Houston

Today we had students from KIPP Northeast College Preparatory in Houston volunteering at our South Salcedo and 10th Street work sites. In the final stages at both houses, we have many odds and ends to be done, as you can see below!     Ryan gives the safety speech at Salcedo.     Four on the floor.     Shiny and new.