Gambel Giveaway

It’s officially party time, folks! Thanks to you, YRNO is the winner of the Gambel Giveaway contest and a $5,000 public relations contract with Gambel Communications. Believe it or not, we almost didn’t enter because we doubted we could win. Moral of the story: NEVER DOUBT THE YRNO NATION! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. William Stoudt and Jack Styczynski

Urban Science Academy

This week we have the Urban Science Academy of Boston back with us, with Red Sox gear in da house. A dozen “strong,” they’re volunteering at our South Salcedo work site, painting, sanding and more. Check out the action below!   Splittin’ the corner.     Painting in unison.        

Cohen College Prep Middle School

This morning we had a group of local students from Cohen College Prep Middle School volunteering at both our South Salcedo and 10th Street work sites. From touching up to cleaning up, we tried to keep ’em busy! Check out the action below.     Could this be the beverage cart?       Start stackin’.   Nothin’ to it.   Lone stacker.   Here comes the assembly line!      

Rosemont College

This week we have a group of 11 from Rosemont College in Pennsylvania staying in our bunkhouse and volunteering at our South Salcedo and 10th Street work sites. Lotsa painting going on, as you can see below. Raven power!   Working in tandem.          

Ashford University

This week we have a group of 25 hale and hearty volunteers from Ashford University in Iowa at our South Salcedo and 10th Street work sites. Staying in our bunkhouse, they’ve continued the sanding, mudding and painting work of our other recent groups, and we’ve got the visual evidence below, plus a shot of them hamming it up while on a tour with our own Will Stoudt. Dion addresses the group at South Salcedo.     Murph makes ’em look.     Is Murph still pointing skyward?       More teamwork.         Hamming it up at […]

GiveNOLA Day

Hooray! YRNO’s official GiveNOLA totals from yesterday were $2,650 by way of 65 eligible gifts, which doesn’t include more pledged offline, plus the money still to come from the Lagniappe Fund. All in all, more than $2.2 million was donated to local non-profits! Thanks to the Greater New Orleans Foundation and everyone who supported YRNO. Your generosity allowed us to exceed our goals!